Previous work: Liquorland

Are You Ready?

Over 8 weeks on Facebook we ran 8 supplier-funded promotions. Including a competition, an exclusive Facebook Offer, and supporting content.

The result was over 50k additional fans, 36k competition entries, over 15k additional email addresses and nearly $100k in sales generated from Facebook alone.


Liquorland Christmas Characters

We commissioned an illustrator to bring to life the more 'unsavoury' family members you'll come across at Christmas time. The result was hugely sharable content, and an untraditional take on the christmas period to get cut-through.

After all, you can't choose your family, but you can choose your drinks at Liquorland.

AFL & NRL Footy Finals at Liquorland

Liquorland were planning on giving a discount to any member of the public who showed their AFL or NRL teams colours in store. To promote this we focused on a range of scenarios there you can't wear your colours - such as the moon, at a fashion shoot, in the navy...

Unfortunately the in-store component was removed, so we pivoted and allowed users to upload photos of them showing their colours to receive the discount.