YouTube Music

YouTube Music wanted to strengthen relationships with established and emerging artists. We achieved this through a series of bespoke artist-marketing initiatives that spoke to what is unique about each artist and the YouTube Music brand.
In only six months, we created campaigns for rising stars Dua LipaGnash and Aurora, K-Pop Star CL, and even super star John Legend.


Dua Lipa Custom Choker

As Dua Lipa approached 10MM YouTube views we looked to her signature style for inspiration on how to celebrate this milestone. Our solution was a one-of-a-kind gift; a choker necklace spelling out the YouTube brand.

The approach paid off, earning a coveted spot in Dua's wardrobe, and on her Instagram feed.


gnash Holiday Celebration

Entering the holiday season we wanted to give gnash and his fans a gift that celebrated his latest single 'home.'

A detailed storyboard, 120,000 lights, a long cold night and and many hours of editing later we created a new take on the track featuring over-the-top Christmas light displays.

John Legend Takeover

"What would you ask John Legend?"

That's the question we asked our 72MM YouTube Twitter followers as a way to mark 'All of Me' hitting 1BN views. The responses and engagement through the activation was overwhelming, highlighting the passion of the YouTube community and love for the iconic artist. 

JL reply.jpg

CL Crowdsourced Skywriting

When K-pop superstar CL of 2NE1 fame landed in New York for her first solo tour, we knew we wanted to do something special.

Taking inspiration from her latest single 'lifted,' we crowdsourced a message from the YouTube community and shared it with the artist via the world's largest media space — the sky.

Aurora RT Roses

Emerging Norwegian artist Aurora was about to perform at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and we wanted to show our support.

Taking a cue from her hit 'Gone Too Far' we sent over 760 roses to her green room on behalf of her fans, one for every re-tweet our post received.